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Comics about pairs are all over the web, but the illustrations often tend to be pretty heteronormative: It’s rare to see a queer couple depicted in such a cute, wholesome way.

Simon Ip, a digital artist who stays in Copenhagen, Denmark, is altering that, one lovable little illustration at once.

The illustrator, who’s initially from Canada, attracts motivation from his life with his partner, Patric. The two satisfied in the summer of 2019 when he was visiting Stockholm, where Patric lived, for the weekend break with good friends.

“On the train ride back to Copenhagen, I told myself, ‘I require to see him again,'” Ip informed HuffPost.

Illustrator Simon Ip and his boyfriend, Patric, in non-comic form.

were doing a great deal of back-and-forth from nation to country, but the pandemic brought them more detailed together.”In 2020, I invested 6 months in Stockholm coping with Patric as well as working from residence,” Ip claimed. “Finally, in January 2021, we moved to a fantastic house in Copenhagen with a fantastic seaside sight.”

At the height of the pandemic, Ip invested his downtime highlighting the gladly idle hrs the pair invested together.The cute, very early Disney-esque illustrations reveal the pair traversing their city:

Simon Ip And complying with crazy with adorable pups every 10 seconds on strolls: