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Tennis champ Naomi Osaka was fined $15,000 on Sunday for refusing to hold meetings with the press as she joins the French Open. Osaka, a four-time Conquest winner, stated in a Wednesday tweet that she wouldn’t talk to journalism during the event because she has “commonly felt that people have no respect for professional athletes psychological health and wellness as well as this rings true whenever I see an interview or join one.”

She missed her post-match interview after her preliminary triumph over Patricia Maria Tig on Sunday.

In a joint statement announcing the fine, heads of the companies accountable of all four Grand Slam competitions stated Osaka selected not to honor her contractual obligation when she introduced she would not consult with the media. In their declaration, they claimed they have “substantial resources devoted to player health and wellbeing” but declared they were unable to get to Osaka after making several efforts. ” We require involvement from the gamers to understand their viewpoint as well as find ways to boost their experiences,” they said. All four organizations warned that Osaka could encounter suspension from future events for going against the standard procedure if she remains to refuse to consult with the media.

” A core component of the Grand Slam policies is the obligation of the players to engage with the media, whatever the result of their match, an obligation which gamers consider the advantage of the sport, the fans and also on their own,” the officials said.

” As though expected, repeat offenses bring in tougher sanctions consisting of default from the competition and also the trigger of a major offence examination that can result in extra significant penalties and also future Conquest suspensions.”

In her tweet introducing she would not take part in press events at the French Open, Osaka resolved her upcoming fine. “If the organizations can simply keep claiming ‘do press or you’re gon na get fined,’ and continue to ignore the psychological health of the professional athletes that are the focal point of their cooperation, then I simply obtained ta laugh.”

Osaka’s following match, versus Ana Bogdan, is arranged for Wednesday.